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Vieux pot's app

digital design, app design, UI, UX, graphic deisgn, animation

Elisa Ayala & Gwendoline Meignen


1/10 french people is isolated

6% of the +60 years old are lonely

700 000 young people are socially secluded


Think the confidence

Take into account cognitive and motive capabilities of users

Ease reading and general accessibilty regarding ergonomy and device.


Fight loneliness

Bring people together

Enable exchange

Transmit knowledge (in order to preserve it)

Allow to render service


Encourage encounters so as to fight against isolation : on the pretext that people will exchange more or less concrete things (like knowledge and services), that's above all social link that is created.

Workshops permit to create a friendly time with more than two people.

Vieux Pot's app puts in touch old and young people, by inviting them to exchange knowledges and services, in order to encourage intergenerationnal link.

It allows to offer knowledges and services so that users can meet each other depending on affinities. Users are also offered to propose their own workshops, in order to create a friendly moment with a group of people.

The app contains a wise searching tool to find the ideal "Pot's", a message tool to speak, a calendar to remind all becoming events and meetings the user has subscribed to, and an integrated photo taking and customizing tool to send thanking cards.

Moreover, designed to be as accessible as possible, users can configure the app at the initiation to choose their interface, help and sound ergonomy level.

App for the "Grand Amiénois" local currency

UI, UX, digital design, app design, graphic design

Romain Apparitio & Gwendoline Meignen


The "Grand Amiénois" is a territory of 408 cities, 350 000 citizens, and 52% of the Somme disctrict area.

The center of influence of this territory is Amiens, where are concentrated most of the working places, services and shops.

Cities and villages around are wasting away, people live there while they work in Amiens. That's why these villages' resaurants, shops and public services are closing beacause of their lack of attractivity. At the same time, citizens go to the city by car, to work, to shop, to take children at school and to use other public services.


Considering this situation, we where asked to design a project encouraging the tourism, in order to enhance the "Grand Amiénois". It has to be ethical and durable economically, ecologically and socially.


Give possibility to travelers to have accessible hollidays with an important cultural dimension.

Experience the local culture by getting rid of consumerism and ecologically & economically devastating behaviours.

Make travellers responsible about the territory (ecology, culture, practices...)

Go further than mass tourism.

Give a chance to local citizens to become tourism local actors.

Offer a qualitative experience, as for travellers as for hosts.

Create wealth on the territory.


Attractive and accessible district

Promote and give visibility to the cultural & services offer

Share local traditions

Create wealth

Encourage virtuous behaviours toward the environment

Set up a virtuous economy that benefits to the territory

Make citizens responsible and committed in their territory's activity and decision making

Improve territory's attractivity

Create a future

Create work

The problem

How to make sure that the money given by the collectivity to people, is really going to benefit to the territory ?

Our answer

By creating a local currency that permits at the same time to reduce costs of prestations, and to exchange goods and services between citizens.

We created a "wallet" app for that "Grands Amiénois" local currency

This app offers to view all the shops and activities which accept to be payed with local currency, that gives visiblity to theses places, and permits to the user to discover it.

A searching tool permits to find wisely places or activities that fit with user's mood and needs. The user can also save some places and get an history of his visited places.

Thanks to a fidelity system, by paying with local currency, user gets back 5% of his expense in local currency to use it in the future. That is enhanced in the app to encourage user to use local currency.

The most important feature in this app is the recommandation feature. In order to enhance the network, we designed the possibility to recomand a place to a friend. That's a good deal for everyone : the vendor gains a customer, the recomander earn a little gratification in local currency and the one that received recomandation can discover a place that he must like.

Head Up Display, drive assist for BlaBlaCar

digital design, graphic design, UI, HUD

Keep Up, Sport App

digital design, app design, UI, UX, chatbot, graphic design

Hélène Gervois & Gwendoline Meignen

Interactive cartography

digital design, sound design, phygital

Théo Jacqmin, Romain Apparitio, Gwendoline Meignen

Topographical & sonorous landscape of the city of Amiens

Redesign the UTC's UXD master website

digital design, graphic design, UI, UX, webdesign
The problem

The UXD master's website is aging : the content, the organisation and the design are obsolete.

I was asked to redesign it, by questionning users in order to find out interesting features and a good data structuration.


Group focus : users questionning to understand stakes, drawbacks, dysfunctions and assets of the current website.

Targets and stakes synthesis for new website

Personnas creation

Wireframes & improvement iterative process

Graphic design & finalization


Make it accessible for everyone

Give a clear presentation of the master and its stakes

Present the UTC UX notion

Allow to view projects realized by students

Give a visiblity to alumni's careers and post master opportunities

Make a custom user journey depending on his profile

Allow users to apply easily and guide them

Give an accurate and wise overview of classes content


Propose a single navigation experience depending on user's profile

Give a clear and complete navigation menu, containing necessary elements to satisfy likely visitors searchs

Sturcture information with headings and sub-headings in order to offer an important range of precise datas while permitting to the user to retrieve

Enhance students projects, their testimonies and the master actualities

Entirely redesign the website aesthetics, but keep UTC's brand

Le Grand Méchant Monde

digital design, graphic design, UI, UX, app design, game design, phygital

Maxime Benahamou & Gwendoline Meignen


Realize a device for the Science Festival, allowing to discover a scientific concept by experiencing it.


We wanted to make people aware of psychological or psycho-social subject, we chose to deal with medias and critical thinking.

We were mostly interested in television, which, even if it's decaying, is far from being an obsolete media, even for younger.

We examinated operating process during journals edition, that influences information treatment. A psycho-social video "La france a peur, le syndrome du grand méchant monde", by Horizon Gull, helped us, by psychological works vulgarization.

We discovered that audience was the channels leitmotiv, because of the relation between audimat and advertising earnings. Yet, to improve audience, emotionnally impacting informations are the most efficient. Otherwise, that kind of informations, over and above capture attentiveness, tend to condition the watchers brain to receive better ad then. Indeed, informations that have a huge emotionnal dimension short rationalization and create a great contrast between it and the comforting ad that comes after, that soothe the brain and allow it to keep the brand in memory. Thus, guided by mercantile necessities, channels tend to direct information in this way (making it more sensational in instance), in order to satisfy advertising requirements.


The device has to be accessible to everyone, as the Science Festival main audience is families. It has to be understandable by children and attractive for adults.

We have to make experience the concept we want to introduce the user to.

We have to design a phygital device, i.e., combining a tangible, physical part with a digital part.

Targets and means

Our target is to reveal this process, in order to conclude talking about critical thinking when watching TV, and other medias.

We chose to design a game because it seems to be accessible and to permit to involve the player into the process we wanted to show up.

Master thesis

reading, synthesis, writing, editorial design, production

See the entire version (fr)

Licence thesis

reading, synthesis, writing, editorial design, production

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Qui a volé des millions ?

graphic design, game design

In this board game, players embody one out of the 6 french presidency election candidate, each one having his own characteristics (charisma, medias, dishonesty and populism). Their goal is to obtain more victory points than opponents to win the game. So as to do that, two means are workable. The first one is to acquire voting intentions from electors by attending medias or going to see voters. The second way is to misappropriating the maximum range of money. But be aware, because if opponents uncover this fact, they could call medias and it may be really harmfull for the unscrupulous candidate...

Product design and 3D graphics

product design, 3D

Comptoirs éléctriques

identity and branding, graphic design

La Nuit du Patrimoine

identity and branding, graphic design

Escape Yourself website

webdesign & web integration